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Hatha and Pregnancy Yoga classes in Huddersfield

yoga” The asana is not the yoga; it is the residue the asana leaves in your heart, mind and body that is the yoga” ~ Judith Hanson LasaterĀ 

The BWY is the Sport England recognised national governing body for Yoga.

Yoga is a centuries-old, time-tested practice that develops flexibility, strength and stillness in the body, mind and spirit.

As I was, many people are first drawn to the physical benefits of yoga as a way to keep their body fit, strong and supple. With continued regular practice over the years, however, I have noticed subtle changes in my approach to life – negative things still occur, but I try a different attitude to them. Using yoga postures and the breath to increase body awareness encourages the mind to quieten and leads towards a profound sense of inner peace – it’s an ongoing journey …. I’m still travelling!

Huddersfield Yoga Classes
Roz Brown – Huddersfield Yoga Classes



” Suppose it’s good to be busy but I do enjoy yoga time – it is like an oasis. Thanks, Sonia “

” Hi, don’t know if you mind contact out of sessions? But I needed to tell you how much I enjoyed last night, you create a lovely atmosphere and make it safe to try new things!! thank you, J “

” Thanks so much for your kindness and your guidance over the last year. I have loved every minute of yoga and hope to include it in my life from now on. Alison (Pregnancy and Mother & Baby yoga) “



Say hello again to your inner and outer self with Yoga.