Hatha Yoga

“Yoga is a four-fold awareness: awareness of body, awareness of emotions, awareness of mind and awareness of awareness. One should start with the awareness of just how unaware one is!” Swami Gitananda

Angela Horner has taken over the class at Milnsbridge 

For details of this class, please contact Angela on 07910 728407 or email angie.horner@sky.com

Hatha Yoga Wednesday evening

Milnsbridge Village Hall HD3 4JW
Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30pm


Also teaching on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the local area is Catherine Eastwood

07814 019379 cath3hope@hotmail.com


The asanas (postures) used in classes will vary and depend on the abilities of the students. One of the main things to remember, however, is that Hatha Yoga is non-competitive – the objective in asana work is not how far you can stretch or contort your body, but to combine stability (stira) with ease/relaxation (sukha). What makes yoga ‘yoga’ and not just physical exercise is the attitude and awareness that you bring to your practice.

The Sanskrit word ‘yoga’ is often translated as ‘union’ between body, mind and spirit. Patanjali told us 2000 years ago that ‘yoga is the settling of the mind into stillness’. It is said there are many paths up a mountain, but the view from the top is just the same. So there are different yogas that will guide us towards this settling of the mind, eg Karma Yoga (the yoga through selfless service), Bhakti Yoga (yoga through devotion) and Hatha yoga (the yoga of physical action) and each suits different personalities.

There are many different styles within Hatha yoga (eg Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga) but all are focused on the body and use postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to release mental and physical tension. It helps overcome stress and brings a sense of balance and wholeness to the body, mind and spirit. Whilst Hatha yoga is the correct term for all yoga practices that use the body, mind and breath to improve mental and physical health, it is generally interpreted in the West as a more gentle, relaxing and holistic approach.

Hatha Yoga postures strengthen and tone every muscle, nerve and gland in the body – they are just as concerned with regulating the mental, emotional and energetic health of your inner body as they are in increasing the strength and flexibility of your muscles and joints. Hatha Yoga strengthens the immune system, increases circulation and lung capacity, stimulates the glands, and enables the body and mind to rest and relax deeply. Once you develop a regular yoga practice you can start to feel the benefits in all areas of your life. Practising yoga is like pressing your factory re-set button!