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I am so grateful for Roz’s pregnancy classes.

The classes initially helped me to connect with pregnancy positively. As my pregnancy continued I found I was really well prepared for birth, I was actually looking forward to the experience of birth. With the valuable tools and techniques I learnt from Roz I had a very positive attitude towards birth and went on to have a very positive birth experience, I managed the pain purely through breathing and visualisation, remained calm and in control throughout.

I rejoined the class for my second pregnancy and once again had a great birth experience, again without any intervention. Both births were very different but I felt confident and relaxed enough to accept the process positively.

I really believe Roz’s classes gave me a positive preception of birth which helped change my birth experiences and therefore the early bonding days with my babies, immeasurably.

I can’t thank Roz enough


Hi Roz, i hope you’re well. I was thinking about you the other day as the pregnancy yoga breathing got me through 2hrs in the dentist chair on monday! I’m not a fan of the dentist and it helped so much. I didn’t get to use it much in labour as M. arrived in a huge rush – just 25 mins if you remember! But I’m still using what you taught 20 months on, skills for life I think! Thank you, what amazing skills you are teaching.


My baby decided that it didn’t want a birthday near Christmas and was going to stay where it was warm and cosy! I was going to be induced on Monday 7 January but my contractions started on the Sunday night. However they hadn’t progressed enough by lunchtime on Monday and so I ended up on Calderdale labour ward where they broke my waters and induced me in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would have done without the knowledge that your yoga classes gave me. I had been very intent from the beginning on having as natural a birth as possible (if everything went well) and as I was induced the use of the birth pool was removed so all I had were the techniques you taught us – they got both me and my husband through the labour, along with gas and air towards the end! The counting breath and the golden breath got me through the contractions, from when they were just a bit of a niggle to when they became really intense because of the drip and the fact that my husband had come to the birth prep workshop meant that he could remind me to breathe properly if I had any mini-meltdowns! The positions leaning against him, the wall, on the ball etc were all used – I didn’t stop moving around until the last 30-40 minutes when they needed me to lie down on my side as baby had moved a bit posterior. The other thing that really helped me was the use of pressure on my lower back – my husband was truly fantastic but I really think this was due to the tips you shared!

Thank you for preparing me so well for labour – I don’t know how people get through it without taking your classes!


I wasn’t allowed to carry to full term so was admitted to Calderdale Royal at 38 weeks to be induced. I found the yoga breathing practices useful from the very start to help me stay calm, having two pessaries and my waters broken before going into active labour two and a half days later. The ‘Golden Thread’ breath got me to second stage labour, having only started to use gas and air late first stage, using the active birthing positions learnt during class & the birth preparation workshop. The midwives were very impressed with my focus :o) It took me by surprise that the ‘Golden Thread’ worked for me so well as I had always previously favoured the ‘Counting Breath’ during class! Unfortunately nearly 15 hours later my baby was still high up, as his head had not turned to the optimum position. I was taken into theatre and baby was delivered by emergency c-section during which I again put the ‘Golden Thread’ breath to good use. I was admittedly tired at this stage but felt that relaxed I had to stop myself from nodding off! I found the c-section was a positive experience, the theatre staff were great, the atmosphere was relaxed and they took wonderful care of me & my hubby, & of course my little man when he finally made his grand appearance. The theatre nurse took our camera & got some fab photos which we treasure. The delivery was over very quickly & after I was that distracted by my wonderful bundle of joy I lost track of time & what the doctor was doing, before I knew it me & baby were on our way to our private room to recover.

We are now home slowly getting to know each other & enjoying being a family :o) We are both doing well, so much so that the midwife discharged us from her care today. To be perfectly honest I was really surprised how much the yoga breathing techniques did help me. My community midwife did find it amusing that I struggled to keep myself awake during the c-section, apparently she has never come across that before!


I finished work on the Friday and was looking forward to a 2 week break before our baby decided to make an appearance. However he had different ideas!!

On Tuesday 12 days early I had a busy day “nesting” as M. and I cleaned the house from top to toe. Just as I was finishing mopping the kitchen floor at 5.15pm I got dreadful back ache so I got on my ball and tried to ease it. I thought I had braxton hicks to be honest as the cramping in my back was coming and going every 4-6 mins. However we still went to triage to be double checked. When we got to Halifax at 7pm I was told that I was 3cm dilated. They said to go home for a couple of hrs to see if I could progress. At 8.30 ish we went home for a bath and within an hour my contractions were coming every 2 mins. They were only in my back so nothing I imagined at all! We shot back into hospital an hour later from leaving and was told I was 6-7 cm.

It was all very fast as an hour later I was 9cm, my waters went at this point and 32 mins later at 12.12am I pushed out a 9.3lbs baby boy. All I can say is thank god he was 12 days early at that weight!!!

I did it all on 2 paracetamol, 2 codeines, gas and air and what really kept me calm and focused was the breathing techniques I learnt in class. To be honest I thought that they might go out of the window once labour kicked in, however I really used the counting breath and spinal breathing to keep calm during first stage and also found the visualisation technique with the ujjayi breath of being laid on a beach with the sun on my back and not in a labour room in pain!! Everytime I looked like I might panic M. would say breathe and imagine you’re on the beach in Thailand!!! I really do believe the counting, ujjayi and spinal breathing really did keep me very calm and helped all the way.

I’m writing this from my hospital bed looking at my gorgeous son, who will be coming home today as the clever boy has mastered feeding.
Thanks again for all you taught us as I will never forget the difference it made.


Just a quick email to say that I have had a little baby boy, born 11th December at 11.24. I would just like to say a big thank you for all your support and guidance it definitely helped a lot during the labour. I managed to give birth just using gas and air in a birthing pool. During the labour I found the simple ‘I am ….calm and relaxed’ chant the best to use and helped me through the contractions. Also heat from my partner positioned behind me putting pressure on my lower back was amazing as it was comforting but also helped with the pain. My partner did amazingly well during the labour and was very supportive and helped with my breathing


We are delighted to announce the arrival of our little girl “F” born Friday 16th Nov at 10.50am.

As planned she was delivered by C section at Calderdale. The first part of the surgery went perfectly and our gorgeous girl was out in no time at all. As expected there were a few complications with me and unfortunately I bled quite a lot which was difficult to get under control. This meant the whole procedure took a lot longer than usual and my spinal started to wear off meaning they had to top me up with drugs that made me feel weird and sick.

It took me a good 24 hours to come round and was on some seriously strong meds, but by day two I had turned a corner and was feeling much better. Because of the blood loss my body took it’s time for my milk to come in so I stayed in hospital until Tuesday until breast feeding was established and “F” started gaining a little weight. We now seem to have that sorted.

It all sounds quite dramatic but really it wasn’t. I used spinal breathing to get me through the epidural and when things started to get worrying I concentrated on my golden thread. Without these tools I know for a fact I would have panicked and everyone commented on how calm I had remained through the whole procedure. Especially my husband who could see and hear it all happening.

Please tell the other girls that if they do have to stay in hospital for a day or so after birth the staff are absolutely wonderful on ward 1d. They are always on hand with help with breastfeeding and although they are really busy, nothing is too much trouble. Also the breastfeeding peer group that run the baby cafe are absolutely marvellous and one of the girls spent so much time helping and encouraging me.

Finally thank you Roz for teaching me your wonderful tools, I wouldn’t have had the experience I did without them and although my birth wasn’t what I had initially intended it to be, it was still a wonderful experience.